A small team that certainly stands out from the crowd



Jim MacDermott – Founder of Behaviour In Action and Co-Director of BIAC

A background in Senior Sales management and International Consultancy – Specialising in the design and introduction of productive and cost effective change. Jim’s particular focus has been job role value and contribution (has designed/upgraded over 1000 job roles to-date).

With a team of specialists including a Clinical Psychologist, a selection of practising managers, IT specialists and a Creative Designer, Jim succeeded in producing BIAC, a unique thinking and behaviour awareness tool that now helps job holders on an International basis to be more confident and capable in dealing with change, role challenges and stress highlights.

Jim was subsequently awarded Certified Membership for Life by the IMI for “significant management development practices and demonstrating strong commitment to the objectives of the institute”.

Jim also collaborates with Dr. Celine Mullins of Adaptas Training where he has helped to produce the highly successful Adaptas Leadership Method that also features BIAC and is facilitated mainly in groups for senior managers.

 John Clarke, Information Design & Marketing Consultant

John adds a creative input into the mix and was part of the original BIAC design team.  As well as offering his creative skills to a project, he also serves Local Enterprise Offices and individual company principles as a highly qualified and experienced Business Mentor.

Initially trained in technical art, design & illustration at Coventry College of Art (Now part of Coventry University), he progressed through the graphics industry to become manager of Astroid Publications in Ireland.

After 2 years he took the opportunity to partner in a very successful Design and Marketing business. In recent years he has focused on helping our clients grow through hands on consultancy and mentoring

Sara Cosgrove – Behavioural Coach

A trained Behavioural Coach, Sara has a unique way of helping people and teams to become more of what and who they want to be.  Sara is an accredited agent of BIAC and as such works with her client’s current thinking styles, accelerating their strengths and providing clear adjustments to make the magic difference.

Sara has extensive experience across the corporate and educational sectors in Ireland. Her specialties include; implementing a coaching structure, developing a leadership mindset and creating successful alignment between people and their roles.

Education & Qualifications: Sara has a Diploma in Coaching and is also accredited with The Society of Neuro- Linguistic Programming as a licensed NLPTM Master Practitioner. Sara obtained her BA in Economics & Library and Information Studies from University College Dublin and also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations.


Mairin Raftery – Clinical Psychologist

Providing direction and validation in the use of BIAC to ensure accuracy and ongoing effectiveness in coping with role challenges and changes.

Mairin served for many years as Senior Psychologist in St. Vincent’s Trust. Henrietta Street, Dublin, designing and directing personal development and career building programmes.  She was also involved in staff training and validation for programme mentors and facilitators.

Please note: Resistance to change is usually caused by fear, suspicion of motives and often a lack of consultation – Mairin Raftery – Clinical Psychologist


Claire Comerford, Operations Manager

Claire has over twenty years’ experience across varied industries in Ireland after originally studying Business with the University of Glamorgan.

She has gone on to further studies in Global Trade and eCommerce, Diploma in Digital Marketing and is an accredited PMBok Project Manager.

Claire provides professional back-up service and support in the efficient operation of BIAC for on-line client profiling, feedback and ongoing usage.


Recent Buyer from Tesco

This new Team member is available to provide insight and the most successful approach in how to build and sustain relationships with Buyers and Senior Managers. This sits in as an extra benefit brought on due to demand, an additional offering in our Discovery Leadership Exercise.