Our Approach

Job Enrichment

We clarify and evaluate the full purpose, agreed value contributions, current delivery approach, cost implications, also job role fulfilment and satisfaction ratings and we then compile the findings and recommendations into a clear, accurate, practical report guide on any upgrading or suggested changes

We also provide a ‘BIAC logical action’ implementation plan whereby the newly assembled role updates can be put on a firm success path.

Job Holder Enrichment

Demonstrating and inputting the additional value in strengthening personal thinking and behaviour which has become a growing force and influence in today’s role management and leadership best practices

Our process includes the following key steps;

  • Creating the ideal behavioural profile to support the participant’s particular job role challenges and opportunities. (We have used BIAC in refocusing or upgrading over 1000 job roles to date).

  • Introduction, discovery and understanding of the participant’s own current thinking and behaviour profile, how to use more of his or her strengths and the opportunities for worthwhile adjustments.

  • How to recognise, interact and negotiate more successfully with others’ profiles i.e. colleagues, teams, customers/clients and service providers.

  • Assembling a workable, personal ‘going forward’ plan, including the selection and support role for an Accountability Partner.