Example 1: International Pharmaceutical Corporation



Senior team of a new division established to introduce, distribute and promote a range of pain managing prescription products in hospitals, medical centres and key GP practices.


Enable this senior team are fully aware and capable of meeting their individual challenges and opportunities as presented in their roles.

Our Approach

 Fully clarifying the roles of each of the team members – individual responsibilities, challenges, opportunities and people influencers (colleagues, clients, service providers etc.).

We then enabled each of the 5 managers to confidentially discover, understand and compare their individual current thinking and behaviour (BIAC process) with the realistic and ideal profile for their particular role.

We assisted them in making adjustments – using strengths more and weaknesses less, through interaction and practice with live case study examples of challenges and opportunities likely to be experienced in the role.

A successful plan was formed using a simple template to highlight agreed changes, adjustments (a focus on just 3 to 4 key ones,) secure support from a responsible colleague(s) and plan/measure success.

A final session allowed us to bring the 5 managers together to share experiences and form a code of support and encouragement for each other.


Has lead to significant improvement in individual performances within the team and has assisted the team as a whole in adapting to changes and additional role demands and challenges.  It has also brought a sense of calm and success in day to day operations.

Example 2: Medical Health Care Centre



Provide positive role support for a newly appointed manager in the operational section of this large medical health care centre providing a range of services including 20 practicing GP’s.


The specific job holder although well skilled and knowledgeable in required operational skills was struggling somewhat in managing and motivating the team (5 people) and also in meeting completion deadlines for both personal and team responsibilities.

The person’s thinking / behaviour profile, completed in confidence through BIAC on-line, highlighted strong tendencies towards personal focus on completion of tasks rather than through reliance on people. This person also had a very high perfectionistic thinking style, indicating a strong urge towards detail and a need to check things over and over unnecessarily.


Worked with job holder to enable discovery and understanding of current thinking profile and relate this to existing role challenges and opportunities.  Additional effective thinking styles were also discovered i.e. good in appraising and strategic thinking.

In helping to put together a realistic adjustment plan we discussed and selected some ‘live’ case study examples, to provide the opportunity for evaluating and practising in lifelike situations on worthwhile change steps and approach.

We agreed a week for practicing these new approaches and then meet up to discuss success, also sort out any problems etc.,

Also at this second session I introduced the jobholder to steps that can be taken in recognising specific thinking and behaviour styles in others – colleagues, team members, service providers etc.  And introduced an additional piece on how to interact and negotiate successfully for ‘win win’ outcomes.


Jobholder has since received significant recognition for a much improved performance, creating a more upbeat atmosphere and confidence within the team at large.

In my opinion, BIAC is an invaluable tool for every individual and organisation. Jim MacDermott in conjunction with Behaviour In Action, helped me to see and understand my behaviour and how this effects both my employees and my customers in different ways. By recognising my behaviour I was then able to alter it slightly in order to bring about profound results almost instantly. I highly recommend Jim and give the team 5 stars!
— Oisin Butler – Painting Specialist and Director of Oisin Butler Ltd.

Example 3: International Alcoholic Drinks Company



Enable the off-trade division of the organisation to have their sales team (Field Sales Manager, 7 Sales reps and 8 off-trade merchandisers) operate to greatest effectiveness and fully benefit from participation in an ongoing skills and competency in-house training programme.


We worked with the Commercial Manager around three specific areas of support for the team.

1.     Bringing more clarification to the roles within the team i.e. more inclusion of responsibilities for cost controlling, greater focus on growth potential for specific customers/branches etc.,

2.     Enabling the Field Manager and Sales Reps to individually discover their current thinking and behaviour profiles and then compare them with their agreed ideal profiles for greatest success in their particular role – using BIAC confidential process.

3.     The Field Manager also completed "The Effective Leader" programme to help sustain and progress the new learning for the team.


The programme’s exercises built up a lot of trust and co-operation between the team and myself. This in turn created enthusiastic commitment to some necessary behavioural changes and added greater focus on adjustments in approach.

Example 4: Point of Sale Manufacturer & Distributor – Based in Poland



Enable the existing Commercial Manager to adapt and benefit successfully from a reorganised selling and distribution structure, newly installed in the company.


  • Helped clarify the specific manager’s key responsibilities and also increased the level of productive activities in the role (reducing time consuming heavy maintenance responsibilities etc.)
  • Provided one to one guidance and direction for the Commercial Manager in leadership effectiveness and thinking styles – highlighting and using strengths more i.e. interaction and negotiating in effective approval thinking and making some necessary adjustments i.e. too perfectionistic (slowing things down) also too trusting (low on appraising).

Worthwhile Results

Company recovered from a slow path, went on to win new markets and then opened a second company in Poland.