Tools Overview

We have created several tools over the years to improve the way people in business function. These unique tools can help any organisation, large or small, to organise and enhance its ways of working.



BIAC is a self-assessment process of an individual's beliefs and thinking styles on 10 key parameters. It facilitates confidential and accurate disclosure of participant's current thinking and behaviour styles, followed by guidance and direction on effective adjustments.

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A new effective approach: to interacting with and influencing difficult, aggressive and empowered buyers and/or managers. Acquiring your most effective self-belief and Thinking styles and accurately accessing and dealing with other people’s behavioural strengths and weaknesses.

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BIAC as a tool specially designed and compiled to provide additional accuracy and suitability for a person in a very specific job role. It can also be applied as an on going support to ensure success during a candidate’s probationary period.

BIAC also provides a positive and encouraging advice/help process for unsuccessful candidates who perhaps may have been mismatched.

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A proven tool used in solving problems and/or creating opportunities using small teams, usually 4-6 in number.

The Process is particularly suited to solving and implementing essential change requirements, where the   outcome of success or failure can be measured as high in terms of risk or cost.

BIAC is based on the theories of Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck, the founders of cognitive therapy. BIAC provides a self-reporting assessment of an individual’s beliefs and thinking styles on 10 key parameters, and in so doing provides a concise insight of a person’s current behaviours. From this insight, unlike psychometric tests such as Myers Briggs, BIAC also provides a ready-made adjustment process which can support changes in behaviour over time.
— Comparison Review by Laurence Knell, Director, Strategic Innovation Partners -- Co-Founder, Brain for Business